Structura 40.02 Wood Brushing Machine from Felder

Felder has introduced the Structura 40.02 Wood Brushing Machine, a sturdy and versatile machine designed for wood brushing applications. The machine features a heavy chassis that ensures stability during operation. With a working width of 400 mm and a variable through-feed height that can be adjusted from 3 to 200 mm, it can accommodate a wide range of workpiece dimensions.

One notable feature of the Structura 40.02 is its single-sided aggregate mounting, which allows for the processing of extra-wide workpieces. This feature makes it convenient to work with larger materials. The machine is capable of delivering optimum results across various wood types, thanks to its brush diameter of 190 mm and longer bristles that enhance durability.

The machine’s feeding table has a fixed height of 900 mm and is equipped with a continuous feeding belt with a web structure. This design facilitates the handling of heavy and large workpieces. Additionally, the machine’s dust extraction system ensures excellent extraction results by separately extracting each brush aggregate.

The operator terminal of the Structura 40.02 includes a manual height adjustment feature. The height of both brushing aggregates can be precisely adjusted from 3 to 200 mm using a handwheel with read-off optics. The fine adjustment of the second aggregate can be done independently.

Overall, the Felder Structura 40.02 Wood Brushing Machine is a robust and reliable solution for wood brushing tasks. Its solid construction, single-sided aggregate mounting, and adjustable features make it suitable for processing a wide range of workpiece dimensions and achieving high-quality results.

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