Spotlighting Formations’ Cabinet Door Facility

Matthew Bradford

It’s been over a year since Formations Inc. cut the ribbon on its new cabinet door manufacturing facility in Langley, British Columbia, and the investment is paying off. Opened in November 2020, the 48,000 square foot asset now enables the company to expand its service offerings and bring greater value to its clients. 

“The idea was to create a new vertical integration,” says Jason Hill, Vice President Business Development with the wholesale non-structural wood products manufacturer. “The business was starting to see a lot of growth, so it was a good moment to make the investment. At the same time, we knew bringing this facility to Langley would be a good value-add for our customer base: the cabinet makers and mill workers. “

The facility unites cabinet door manufacturing and distribution operations under one roof, effectively saving product storage and shipping costs. It is furnished with cutting-edge machinery, including an edge bander that enables the production team to produce top-quality doors with sustainable materials and PUR edges. 

“We made a significant investment on an edge bander because we wanted to make sure the doors we’re putting out met or even exceeded our customer’s standards,” adds Hill. 

Expanding the company’s reach and value offerings may have been the initial motivations behind developing Formation’s new facility. However, after 14 months of operation, the team has also seen the facility address talent shortages.   

“We didn’t expect it, but one of the things we’ve seen come out of this project is that it’s helping companies that are running into labour issues,” says Hill. “Now, if our partners are worried they can’t take on a job, we can jump in and help with some of the doors as far as cutting and taping them. And if they’re looking to increase their revenues but unsure about buying the machinery, they need to do that; they can use us for a while to see if it’s going to work out. It’s been a real win-win for our partners and us.”

The region’s wood building community has welcomed the arrival of Formation’s cabinet door manufacturing facility in Langley. Looking ahead, Hill says the company is eager to seek new ways to support its customers and build on its 30-plus year history.

Speaking to this most recent move, Hill adds, “We’ve taken the attitude that we’re here to support our cabinet makers and mill workers with a value-added service.”

Matt Bradford is a writer, editor, and longtime contributor at MediaEdge, publishers of Wood Industry e-digest and magazine. He has spent years reporting on the wood and construction industries and values the opportunity to provide insights into the secondary wood manufacturing community’s successes, challenges, and opportunities.

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