South Shore Furniture’s “designer battle” winners

Grace Tatigian

Matte & Glossy

South Shore Furniture recently challenged four Canadian designers to transform a room of their choice on a small budget, featuring furniture and accessories from the Quebec manufacturer. The public was then asked to vote for their favorite decor on the company’s Facebook page in late September.

South Shore designs and manufactures everything from armoires to beds to media towers. They pull their inspiration from everyday life, keeping in mind storage, flexibility, and quality.

“We make sure that our furniture stands up to the challenges of real life,” says their website. “We go to great measures to protect our pieces so that they will get to you safely. One test we do involves dropping them 23 times. That’s what we like to call tough love.”


First place in the competition went to Karine Matte of the Montreal agency Matte & Glossy – an interior design company whose mission is to make your space unique and harmonious. The interior designer was tasked with transforming the bedroom of a 10-year-old boy. The South Shore piece that she featured in the project was the Live-it Cozy dark green velvet single sofa designed by Myriam Girard. The glam sofa set the tone for the room, the velvet fabric and angled metal legs giving it a vintage look. The room itself featured bold black and white geometric elements with colourful accessories throughout the space.

Jessica Locas Design

Second place in the competition went to Joëlle Faucher, owner and designer of Foucade in Quebec City. Foucade offers a turnkey interior design service to meet their customers’ needs, whatever they may be. Faucher used natural materials and soft colors throughout the master bedroom, where she found inspiration in the form of the boho-chic Avilla headboard designed by Geneviève Bérubé. The hand-woven rattan headboard adds a warm and peaceful ambiance to the room.

Emelbe Design

Third place in the competition went to Jessica Locas, of Montreal-based Jessica Locas Design. Its mission is to help customers the potential of their residence to its maximum to give you the most well-being daily, according to their needs and lifestyle. Locas completely transformed a small room into a craft room, complementing the natural floor of the desk and chair with warm pink. The South Shore piece that inspired the room was the Crea cabinet designed by Cindy Chretien-Leclerc. Its minimalist style and delicate legs reflect the Scandinavian style that’s so popular right now in interior design.

Finally, fourth place went to the only designer from outside of Quebec, Calgary-based interior designer Merissa Beem, head of Emelbe Design, who specializes in light and natural aesthetics. The designer converted a living room into a grown-up relaxing space. Her decor includes the Live-it Cozy sofa bed designed by Myriam Girard and the Gimetri coffee table designed by Jean-François Toulouse. The top of this rustic/industrial-style coffee table is pretty big, but the table doesn’t look bulky since it’s completely open underneath.

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