Sorting Production Set


HOMAG’s sorting assistant, the Sorting Production Set, aims to help manufacturers reduce the time-consuming searching for the right parts for assembly, packaging, or further processing. Using a barcode-scanning system, the Sorting Production Set can automatically sort workshop components into respective racks and compartments and, via a tablet, provide operators with an overview of the components needed for each order.

The sorting of parts is often done manually on the floor by workers. This uses a significant amount of floor space and makes it difficult for workers to identify missing parts. It also increases the chance of damage to panels due to excessive handling. Especially when multiple batch-size-one orders run concurrently, workers found it difficult to keep track of all the parts and tell each order apart.

By integrating the Sorting Production Set into their workflow, users can achieve a smart, standardised sorting method that minimises prolonged assembly time and any delayed fulfillment of orders.

The digital assistant and digital job folder Production Manager can be connected to existing HOMAG iX 3D design and production software and be fully operational by the workers within a week.

Upon implementation, workers had an overview of ongoing orders, the bill of materials of each order, the sorting progress, and where each component had been sorted.

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