Software for closet design

Mozaik has announced its design software now comes with a ready-to-use closet library.

Users can add common closet components from the library like short-hangs, double-hangs, long-hangs, bridge shelves, corner shelves and shoe cubbies.

Specialty items like wire baskets, hampers, trash pullouts, jewelry drawer, pant racks, tie racks and angled shelves can also be added.

The items can be setup to automatically transfer CNC machining operations directly onto the adjacent panels.

Users can click on the Settings Tab and quickly change colours and materials per closet to help up-sell the job, the company says.

Users can also mix and match from their own face frame or frameless libraries.

The closet library has been designed to work with popular knockdown assembly methods and is set up and ready to machine on a flatbed CNC router using Rafix fasteners.

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