Soaring Growth for Calgary-Based Companies Faulkbuilt & Echo

Faulkbuilt opened its doors four years ago in Calgary with a small but mighty team of six people. The business was developed by CEO and founder, Mogens Smed, a renowned leader in digital interior construction and a pioneer in modular construction. Smed co-founded DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time) modular construction with partner Barrie Loberg in 2004 and has seen the company flourish. With a promise to offer interior construction solutions that are not only ideal for commercial buyers but sustainable and eco-friendly as well, Faulkbuilt saw its popularity soar in just a few years.

Smed holds an annual Falkbuilt/Echo update for his shareholders, the board, and employees to reveal financial, manufacturing, and production updates. “I choose my board of people I like, who enjoy a meaningful relationship, and who have a good knowledge of industry and how it’s run,” said Smed. This year’s update showed incredible growth for both companies. Faulkbuilt now has 450 employees that work out of three buildings with over 100 branches across the globe. The company’s employees have installed over 2,500 prefab projects from Antarctica, which also happens to be where Falkbuilt designed a research station into the Arctic and various countries in between.

(Pictured: Mogens Smed, CEO of Faulkbuilt)

What separates the notable business from its competitors, is its use of the cutting-edge technology, Echo’s Digital Component Construction. This technology has proven to be more cost-effective than its alternatives and builds high-performing interior solutions. It’s essentially a construction model in the cloud that streamlines the process from the design stage to installation. Faulkbuilt manufactures its digital components in the 90,000 square foot Calgary plant and warehouse which are then shipped across the world with virtually zero on-site-waste.

The company’s technology has awarded them the attention and business of industry leaders including Denver-based Gallery Carts, innovator of mobile kiosks, carts, and e-vehicles for retail, food, and healthcare industries. The kiosk business has utilized Faulkbuilt digital construction technology for their San Diego Petco Park and Dodger Stadium projects as well as for the projects with the Las Vegas Raiders and Tennessee Titans. Seattle’s Burgess Design used Faulkbuilt technology to renovate and revitalize their business post-pandemic and several projects in India were completed only with the use of the technology. In just a few years, Faulkbuilt has advanced beyond anticipation and it will be of great interest to see how they continue to progress the industry forward in the future.

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