Single head router for low to medium volume door production

The MDH-1 from J&P Machines is a single head router for low- to medium-volume door production.

Features include:

  • fast setup from small to large doors with preset stops; cycle time of approximately 4 seconds;
  • dust extraction hood with 4 in. diameters;
  • minimum distance between hinges of 6-1/2 in.;
  • creates chip-free bores on melamine and other sensitive materials by drilling from below;
  • boring head with hard gears and spindles;
  • linear bearings on slides for up and down movement; and,
  • no tools required for precision depth adjustments.

Double safety controls with metal detector and photo eye prevents the boring unit from cycling again into the previously installed hinge.

Dimensions are 55 in. long, 32 in. wide and 50 in. high.

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