Sharpening Service Guide

Peak Toolworks

Would you take your truck to a motorcycle mechanic for repairs? No, and you shouldn’t take your carbide cutting tool to just any sharpening service either. Here’s a guide to identifying a sharpening service that best fits your business needs and can even help grow it. When choosing a sharpening service, look for:

A rep that can recommend if your saws and machines are running smoothly. A skilled rep who is a reliable source of technical cutting tools and manufacturing information can provide you with more than just pickup and delivery services. They can give on-site troubleshooting, on-site technical support, and test tools. Reps that are continually trained in state-of-the-art technology can identify process improvements, provide solutions engineered to reduce your cost-per-cut, and collaborate with you to implement optimal performance. These are value-adds for you.

Consider a company with a local facility or a rep that travels in your area frequently and coordinates the logistics. They can restore your saws to better-than-new conditions at a certified local service center. This will save you time and money in shipping costs.

To ensure you are getting the most out of your investment, use an EOM-certified tool service provider that can restore worn tools to like-new conditions in a 7-step process: inspection, tip replacement, straightening, re-tensioning, sharpening, cleaning/polishing, and final inspection. You’ll be glad you switched to a service provider that does; they have special skills from years of training.

Look for a sharpening service done by manufacturer-trained technicians that can provide high precision sharpening. They can extend tool life, reduce scrap levels, provide a cleaner cut from the original factory specification service, and lower noise levels. They can provide quality with exact specifications, close tolerance testing to correct the slightest misalignment, extend tool life, improve cut quality with the sharpest cutting edge possible, less drag, and verification with an optical comparator.

Also, they know how to pre-tension the saw body to compensate for stress under load and can increase run-times up to 150%. Remember, the lowest price does not mean it’s the least expensive option in the long run.

When you choose a rep that can deliver an impact to your business, they can improve your manufacturing process with your team through on-location support, saving you time and money. A partnership with your rep can drive growth for your entire organization. They are a knowledgeable resource for solving production problems and a valuable contribution to increasing your team’s efficiencies through personalized service. A partnership with your rep can maximize your investment and keep your machines running smoothly.

A rep that will visit as often as you prefer to deliver service on your schedule.

Look for a service company that offers an extensive selection of inventory. They will be the most familiar with your product and its specific sharpening requirements, adding no extra costs to you for custom or standard products.

Are you getting all the benefits that can be standard from your sharpening service and rep? They should listen carefully, ask questions to understand your service needs, provide high-value tools and solutions that exceed your expectations, follow up as needed for your continued satisfaction, provide complementary engineering services, deliver superior service and not just product to your door. If this is not your experience, it may be a good time to review your options.

The right, knowledgeable partner can make all the difference. Their expertise can grow your business, reduce your waste and lower your stress level because you’ll have confidence that you are sharpening at the facility designed for your equipment.

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