Second TWIG Perennial

Patrick Christie

Last year in March, TWIG hosted the first annual Perennial. The first event took the form of a facilitated focus group with a cross-section of 25 people from the industry. The organization received feedback and input on how to serve the industry best.

This event helps TWIG focus its programming and events for its new funding cycle as TWIG, which starts in April. The recurring event aims to celebrate new growth, deepen relationships, and find collective strength through connected action to renew, rejuvenate and reimagine a shared vision for the future of forestry in the province. As the event evolves, the organizers aspire to have it as a yearly showcase of what developed in the past year – a wood exposition.

For this year, the organizers are working out the kinks but have set a date of May 28. The event will occur as a Hackathon, where participants will be grouped into multidisciplinary teams to develop new ideas for value-added wood products that utilize BC wood. Save the date, and stay tuned for more updates. There will be other opportunities for you to participate, so if you have a thought, then let us know!

  • Do you have a product or idea you want to showcase?
  • Do you have a material, process, or invention that you want to develop?
  • Are you part of a group that could benefit from participating?
  • Do you have access to fibre, waste material, or offcuts lying around?
  • Are you an educator, teacher, mentor?
  • Do you want to be a judge or facilitate the hackathon?

The event agenda for the 2022 event is as follows:

Quick Pitch

What is one project, product, idea, or service you believe we should know about that’s advancing the use of BC timber? It is a way to get to know those in the room – what they are up to and why they are here. Think of it as a wood show and tell crossed with speed dating. 


Innovation comes from how we organize ourselves as people towards a common problem, goal, or opportunity. Innovation requires people with different backgrounds, perspectives, and skills to contribute their ideas to a space of imagination. The hackathon captures this concept and puts it into a short and fast-paced format. Participants will be placed into multidisciplinary groups and challenged to develop a viable wood product. 

Intermission Social

This social side concludes the industry-centric programming for the day and is a buffer between the musical performances that start early in the evening. There will be food and drinks available on-site, along with wood features for you to explore and the opportunity to meet the groups behind the event and others attending the Perennial. 

Musical Performances

We are bringing in Giorgio Magnanensi and his collection of wood resonators for a series of musical performances for our evening program. Giorgio is the artistic director of Vancouver New Music and will talk about the resonators – how they work and how one can create such inventions for themselves. Musical artists from the community will get the opportunity to try out the resonators and perform for the guests. 

Reach out to Patrick at to get in touch.

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