SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec Panel Saw


The SAWTEQ B-300 flexTec has an integrated robot. It is designed to allow the production of single batches over long distances without human intervention. The saw can also be operated manually or flexibly, as required; for example, for cutting packages

In robot mode it has the advantage of allowing highly efficient unit batch production with a maximum of 1 000 pieces per shift with reduced unit costs per piece.

Operation is fully automatic, and the error rate is extremely low.

It also maximizes flexibility, for cutting thin packages or panels, for example.



  • Robot with suction crosshead: At the heart of the saws is a proven industrial robot with a specially developed suction crosshead. It takes over the complete handling of panels, strips, and parts. Fully automatic, very flexible, error-free, and efficient.
  • Buffer for parts
  • Fully automatic labelling
  • Foldable air-cushion tables: the aisles between the air-cushion tables are all equipped with two foldable tables.
  • Automatic ejection rule moves the panel remnants from the rear table of the machine to the front
  • Patented: central squaring device


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