LEADERMAC Introduces Speedmac Series for High-Speed Production of Mouldings and Lumber

LEADERMAC, a leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery, has launched the Speedmac Series, a heavy-duty jointed moulder designed for high-speed production of finished mouldings and planed lumber. With a focus on high production capacity and accuracy, the Speedmac Series offers superior workpiece finish quality and increased efficiency.

The Speedmac moulder is built with robust construction to accommodate high speeds and is available with profile and straight jointers. It can achieve feed speeds of up to 400 fpm, ensuring excellent finish quality. The feed system is designed to handle rough or pre-sized material, making it suitable for demanding multiple shift operations.


Key features of the Leadermac Speedmac Moulder Series include:

  • CE certification for compliance with safety standards.
  • Standard feed speeds of up to 60 meters per minute for increased productivity.
  • Programmable controller for convenient thickness and width of cut settings.
  • Easy front adjustment of each spindle for efficient operation.
  • Separate adjustment of vertical spindles and feeding table for enhanced cutting stability.
  • Full safety enclosure for chip guarding and noise reduction.
  • Individual motor for each spindle, enabling powerful moulding and easy control.
  • Automatic lubricator for oil supply to the feeding table.
  • Sturdy one-piece cast iron or steel welding machine frame for maximum stability.
  • Mechanical digital readouts for pressure elements of the top spindle.
  • Divided pressure bar in front of the top spindle.
  • Motorized vertical adjustment of the top spindle with digital readouts.
  • Housing bearings for the horizontal spindle.
  • Straight profile jointer for precise operation and high-quality finish.
  • Powered outfeed rollers for stable and smooth workpiece outfeed.
  • Multiple pneumatic pressure settings for feed rollers to ensure optimal feeding.
  • Hard-chrome plated table surface for maximum wear resistance.
  • Dry bearings for oil-free lubrication of manually adjusted turning parts.

The LEADERMAC Speedmac Series offers world-class moulding solutions, combining high production capabilities with precision and reliability. The advanced features and robust design make it an ideal choice for woodworking professionals seeking efficient and accurate moulding and planing processes.


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