Sames Welcomes New Hires To Their Team

From manual guns to robotic sprayers, pumps, and dosing machines, Sames develops solutions at the forefront of technological innovation and industrial efficiency. It’s only fitting that their team is equally as revolutionary and dynamic. On January 23, Sames marketing manager Rhona Joslin announced the exciting news of two new hires and the promotion of one of their most prominent sales officers.

Antoine Raynaud joined the enterprise’s North American sales team as a regional manager for the Northwest Territories. He will be responsible for creating positive clientele relationships, ensuring optimal brand representation, and forecasting sales goals in the industry. Raynaud has an extensive history with Sames and previously worked at the company’s France headquarters. Raynaud has obtained an impressive amount of history, knowledge, and understanding of Sames product ranges, clientele, history, and sector.


Nathan Webb also joined the North American sales team. He will be responsible for business development and key accounts. Webb is no stranger to the industry, he has ample knowledge and experience in sales, operations, and technical support for key players in the adhesives and dispense markets.




Kevin Higgins recently accepted the role as the chief sales officer for the North American Sames team. Previously, Higgins held the role as vice president of distribution sales for over five years with the company. Throughout the duration of his time with Sames, Higgins demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership abilities for the business, especially for the distribution network, customer management, integrators, and the rest of the North American sales team. He will be overseeing the CAN-USA sales organization and ensuring the team aligns with all needs of the Sames customer base.

Sames has over 16 factories across the globe from France to Portugal, Argentina, India, Brazil and Canada, and America. As their locations and product range continues to expand, it’s only fitting that their teams do as well.


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