FPro S Suction Manual Airspray Gun

SAMES KREMLIN has released a new FPro Suction gun range. The FPro S (Suction) guns are a combination of the features of the FPro P, such as the lightweight gun body, enhanced suction capacity valves, and the Vortex.

SAMES KREMLIN’s new FPro S guns have three advantages:

  1. Breakthrough in spraying technology: FPro S guns benefit from one of SAMES KREMLIN’s patented technologies embedded in the FPro P gun – The Vortex.
  2. Enhanced suction power:  The “HCS (High Capacity Suction) valve increases the length of the needle pull, which combined with Venturi effect of the air cap, enhances the Suction Power of the gun.
  3. Brand new suction cups: Reusable and 3M adaptor for disposable cups.

SAMES KREMLIN new air hoses are a good asset for the FPro S, as they are the lightest and most flexible air hoses on the market. They ensure easy handling of the FPro S.

FPro delivers performance at your fingertips with effortless perfect spray finishing.

In 1925, SAMES KREMLIN industrialized the first Airspray gun in Europe and reinvents the way to atomize paint with patented innovations with the NEW FPro Airspray gun.

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