ASC Automatic Airless Spray Gun


SAMES KREMLIN has released a new ASC Automatic Airless Spray gun. The new ASC automatic Airless gun is available in (2) different pressures: up to 240 bar (3480 psi) and up to 400 bar (5800 psi).

ASC automatic spray gun provides superior atomization and is developed for high production at medium to high flow rates with low overspray for minimal paint waste.

The ASC gun is the lightest, stainless-steel automatic spray gun, minimizing payloads on painting machines and decreasing bearing wear.  Its compact design allows easy access to recessed part areas.

You have a choice of 184 tips:  Skill™, super fine finishing Airless tips, Flat for fine finishing and reversible ‘TipTop’ for protective coatings.  The simplicity and quality of the material used guarantees low maintenance costs.  ASC is well suited for applying harsh coatings (acid catalyzed, UV coatings) water-based, high viscosity 2K pre-mixed and abrasive type materials.

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