Sames Kremlin Has a New Name.

Since its creation in 1924, Kremlin has developed worldwide as an expert in paint and sealant application solutions in all industrial markets. Their acquisition of iNTEC in 2020 also strengthened their place in the bonding sector.

In order to simplify their identity, SAMES Kremlin and iNTEC SAMES Kremlin now become Sames (Simply Applying Most Efficient Solution). This change was implemented to strengthen their three core businesses, bonding, protecting and beautifying materials.

By doing so, Sames reaffirms its DNA and its contribution to the environment. From now on, their solutions will be marketed under the following product ranges:

  • Sames iNTEC: high viscosity extrusion
  • Sames Kremlin: conventional spraying
  • Sames Nanocoat: rotating bell spraying
  • Sames Inocoat: powder coating
  • Sames Services: turnkey projects and Services.

The simplified logo highlights the synergy of its businesses and talents. The softened shapes are here to evoke the gestures of those who apply; the iconic phosphorous green was retained to reclaim SAMES Kremlin’s heritage and its desire to preserve the environment; and the blue accentuates technical expertise and passion for innovation.

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