5C50 & 35C50 Airmix® Pump Packages


SAMES KREMLIN has released new 15C50 & 35C50 Airmix® Pump packages. In 1975, SAMES KREMLIN created Airmix® technology and has been a leader in the industry by providing the perfect mix between quality and productivity.

The 15C50 compact Airmix® paint pump is the ideal partner for your Airmix® spray guns providing exceptional finish quality and high transfer efficiency.  The 35C50 Airmix® paint pump ensures constant and pulse-free delivery for superior, industrial finishing. Both pumps provide an even spray pattern and consistent film build for superior finish quality.

Unique selling points:

  • We introduced a 35C50 with the largest differential air motor on the market to meet the demand of using water-based coatings;
  • Redesigned the C50 lower to meet the needs of using solvent-based coatings;
  • Easy priming and flushing;
  • Differential air motor allows you to adjust the pump for maximum air pressure;
  • Balanced fluid section and patented MBA cartridge sealing system.
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