Salice Opens A New World of Elegance and Refinement

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Exedra2 – Double pocket door system with CAM-assisted door extraction and cushioned door insertion

Exedra2 is the innovative and exceptionally performing evolution of the Exedra pocket door system, which, thanks to its ingeniously engineered mechanism, enables the simultaneous opening of two linked doors.
The system is available in two versions: Exedra2 Star, where the compartment that houses the mechanism is always hidden by the cover panel, which is fixed to the front of the system.
In the second version, Exedra2 Smart, the door edges are visible when they are folded into their compartment, and, as a result, the system requires less depth of the cabinet.
There are no load-bearing frontal profiles on either the top or bottom of the cabinet, thus eliminating any need for additional central supports. Furthermore, the absence of a frontal lower track makes it adaptable to systems raised from the ground or placed on a cupboard or a chest of drawers.
In addition to its elegance, Exedra2 also stands out for its practicality of use. Opening and closing the doors with one hand is effortless, thanks to the handle fixed at the edges of the doors. This smooth movement means that doors can be closed quickly and easily, making Exedra2 a functional and practical solution in many applications, from kitchens and living rooms to walk-in wardrobes, home office solutions, laundry rooms, and in storage applications.

Excessories collection – Store, hang, protect, contain, pull out

Salice opens a new world of elegance and refinement, enriching its existing wide product range with the launch of Excessories, its first collection of accessories with the highest aesthetic-functional qualities.
An infinite variety of solutions designed to optimise space and to facilitate the perfect arrangement of wardrobe interior fittings, offering infinite possibilities of exquisite style and convenience.
Excessories – Night Collection allows wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes of all styles to accommodate elegant hangers, scarves and tie hangers, bag hangers, cotton garment holder bags, trouser hangers, and shoe racks, all elements of singular refinement and efficiency.
The drawers, with soft shapes and high design, and the illuminated shelves transform the walk-in wardrobe into an inspirational space and make it the most appreciated and coveted place in the home.
The collection materials, from fabrics to leather and imitation leather, breathe life into endless combinations.
Excessories is also the winner of the Interzum Award: Intelligent Material & Design 2019, a competition organized by Koelnmesse in cooperation with Red Dot. This prestigious award is given to products that best represent technological innovation combined with functionality and design. The judging panel has conferred on Excessories the highest recognition as “Best of the Best” in the category “Fittings, glass, and lighting.”

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