Rotary planing machines

Rotoplane rotary planing machines from Ogden Group are said to be the modern way to calibrate and prepare wood products for gluing or finishing.

The versatile machines offer improved quality, productivity, and a significant cost savings when compared to conventional planing, the company says.

The machines feature a patented planing head, which moves in horizontal rotation rather than vertical rotation as with the conventional planer heads.

With the rotary planing, grain direction in the work piece is no longer a concern and neither are resinous, knotty, or wild grain woods, it adds, so that shops can now process cabinet doors and glued panels, as well as complete frame assemblies without fear of surface tear out.

In addition, the shearing action of the planing head leaves a smooth porous surface that is suitable for gluing — it is neither too slick, as with planing, nor torn as with sanding, resulting in tighter, stronger joints, the company says.

The rotary head employs durable multi sided carbide blades which can be rotated 4 times.

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