RincoPlus40 Corner Hinges


Rincomatic’s RincoPlus40 corner hinge is the ultimate accessory; the hinges breathe new life into pie corners with the addition of a sleek decorative profile, marrying style with form, function, and accessibility. On top of it all, RincoPlus40 is a fully patented solution exclusively distributed by Berenson.

RincoPlus40 and Rincomatic profile handles pair together like a fine wine and cheese. Their profiles complement perfectly, with five matching finishes. Customize the look by inserting a flat veneer strip of any colour or finish. Contrast the surrounding cabinetry, colour coordinate with fixtures, or simply blend it in. 

RincoPlus40 corner hinges take up 40mm in 90° corners, regardless of door thickness. No additional hinge boring of the door front is required. Installation of RincoPlus40 requires minimal work, and all accessories are included. Give your cabinets a sleek, modern look without the complex, time-consuming assembly.

The RincoPlus40 decorative corner hinges finish can be customized by inserting a flat veneer strip to match or contrast the surrounding cabinetry. Trim the profile end to fit to size, or combine them for pantry applications.

With RincoPlus40 corner hinges, there is no need to sweat about getting into your corner cabinet spaces. These corner hinges allow you to have full access to those hard-to-reach corner cabinet spaces with the ability to open one door or both.

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