Rincomatic Cabinet Hardware


Rincomatic, is the newest line of specialty cabinet hardware from Berenson. Hailing from Spain, Rincomatic profile handles and corner hinges give cabinets the sleek, modern look of European flat-panel cabinetry without traditional Gola profiles’ complex, time-consuming assembly. Profile handles replicate the Gola style, giving cabinets and drawers beautiful clean lines while eliminating the need to route out any cabinetry.

If Gola styling and profile handles sound like a strange concept, you’re probably not alone. In essence, Gola profiles popularized in Europe consist of long metal strips recessed into the cabinet’s carcass. A space is created above or below the door leaving enough room to be opened with the fingers. The result is a minimalistic handle-free look that is also a bit difficult to assemble!

On the other hand, profile handles are mounted to the top or bottom of a door front and are more like typical cabinet pulls. The pairing or singular use of profile handles create linear channels that look just like Gola profiles! The major difference is that profile handles are much easier to assemble with far fewer headaches in the shop.

Syma and Syma Inglete are Rincomatic’s two distinct profile handles, each with their own personality and visual aesthetic. Both create beautiful horizontal and vertical channels on cabinet doors, reminiscent of European Gola profiles. For Syma and Syma Inglete, the devil is in the details. Syma profiles offer a more practical 90° shape, while Syma Inglete takes on something more contemporary with an angular 45° shape. Both come in five different finishes to make coordinating interior elements easy.

Syma profile handles are shaped with sensible 90° angles. The profiles are further divided into the Syma32 and the Syma14, representing the different profile handle heights.

Syma Inglete is Syma’s angular counterpart. Profiles are shaped into 45° angles and come in two different heights, the Syma32 Inglete and the Syma2 Inglete.

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