Revolutionizing Solid Wood Moulding with HOMAG MOULDTEQ M300

Introducing a groundbreaking innovation for the solid wood industry – the HOMAG MOULDTEQ M300. This cutting-edge moulding solution has been eagerly awaited by the woodworking sector. Developed by HOMAG, the renowned leader in integrated production solutions, the MOULDTEQ M300 represents a significant step forward in moulding technology. Blending intuitive touchscreen controls, adaptable feed and spindle speeds, and HOMAG’s state-of-the-art software, this machine offers both user-friendly operation and unmatched quality in one powerful package.

The HOMAG MOULDTEQ M300 marks the pioneering entry of HOMAG into the moulding technology domain, extending their reputation for excellence. This machine, succeeding the HOMAG LPP 300, showcases a cast iron stand as its robust foundation, housing a range of tool spindles. Each spindle benefits from an individual motor with frequency control, easily navigated via the powerTouch2 operating unit.

With CNC control managing the axial and radial positioning of tool spindles (except for the planing spindle) in the basic setup, the MOULDTEQ M300 empowers precise customization via the ProfileCenter interface. This technology enhances machine control, enabling speed and direction adjustments for optimal results.


Technical specifications at a glance:

Number of spindles: 5 to 8

Min. workpiece length: 300 mm (uninterrupted loading)

Workpiece width: 10 – 250 mm

Workpiece thickness: 10 – 160 mm or 5 – 160 mm

1st spindle rotation speed: 4,000 – 6,000 rpm (stepless)

Rotation speed from 2nd spindle onward: 4,000 – 8,000 rpm (stepless)

Feedrate: 6 – 24 m/min or 6 – 40 m/min (stepless)

Axial spindle stroke: 75 mm, compatible with combination tools

The MOULDTEQ M300 boasts several standard features, including variable feed and adjustable spindle speed, ProLock spindle clamp, ergonomic handheld terminal, and DXF import capability for tool drawings. Furthermore, an array of optional equipment enhances its versatility. Noteworthy options include a universal spindle with 360° swivel capability, rubberized infeed rollers, grooved table, air cushion table under upper spindles, and telescopic feed rollers opposite the left spindle.

Although the machine is labeled as MOULDTEQ M-300 on its housing, the nameplate reflects the traditional designation LPP 305 to 308, corresponding to the number of tool spindles.

The HOMAG MOULDTEQ M300 revolutionizes the moulding landscape by integrating cutting-edge technology, user-friendly controls, and robust mechanical engineering. As a new milestone in the woodworking industry, it promises to elevate productivity and quality to unprecedented levels.

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