Research Initiative Launched to Support Québec’s Manufacturing Industry

“SMEs in Transition” was launched by Québec Net Positive as a collaborative research effort for the province’s small and medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing sector. The Québec Net Positive is an independent not-for-profit organization committed to supporting the transition towards a low-carbon and net-zero economy.

The association’s new initiative was launched in collaboration with practitioners, experts, and academic researchers from Québec. It is expected to continue into January 2025 and will evaluate the impact of its engagement and work towards strengthening the capacity of manufacturing SMEs to implement climate action and initiate a business ecosystem useful for advancing the transition toward a net-zero and low-carbon economy.

Achieving carbon neutrality for Québec and Canada by 2050 and the Quebec government’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets of 37.5% by 2030, below 1990 level, will result in a profound transformation of the economic fabric of all regions of Quebec,” said Anne-Josée Laquerre, executive director & co-founder of Quebec Net Positive. “It is vital for the Quebec economy as a whole that its 250,000 or so small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which employ more than 2 million workers, are aware of the risks and opportunities of this transition and engage in it successfully.

Reducing GHGs Vital for Québec Economy

Manufacturing businesses in Québec receive more benefits (30%) and opportunities related to climate action and the journey toward a net-positive economy than other businesses in the province according to the Business Transition Barometer-Manufacturing Sector. The association revealed that the manufacturing industry often receives more products, solutions, and services (60%) that meet new market expectations. Companies in the sector are also positioned as a supplier of choice and consolidating business relationships with significant clients (40%).

The transition toward a low-carbon economy is progressing forward and manufacturing businesses in the province feel challenged but have yet to act. In fact, 87% of said companies believe it is critical to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and 81% conclude that their sector plays a vital role in reducing GHGs. However, 49% of manufacturing businesses reveal that they do not plan to implement any climate change actions in their operations.

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