Pyxish is a 3D home design software for cabinetmakers, interior designers, and remodelers. It’s an easy and quick way to help you boost your sales because it only takes minutes to make realistic 3D VR representations. Pyxish allows you to save time by selecting from an unlimited library of pre-designed layouts that are ready to personalize for your clientele. The 3D VR renderings, the world’s first used in commercial renovation presentations, allow you or your clients to visualize themselves in their future houses.

For each 3D VR rendering model, you can select:

  • Different materials: choose from unlimited of options for wall, cabinets, floor, countertop, and much more; 
  • Placement of the camera: anywhere inside the model;
  • Resolution: HD, 4K, retina resolution;
  • Lighting: choose from an array of lighting options.

Pyxish is an excellent 3D VR house design software for assisting clients in making faster decisions. Remove concerns and help clients fall in love with their house ideas, allowing you to shorten the sales cycle and boost your conversion rate. Share 3D VR renderings on social media to promote your business and gain new customers. Improve your brand awareness by displaying your design expertise on your website with 3D renderings.

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