PureClad Powder Coating

IFS Coatings

No longer the stuff of dreams, IFS PureClad delivers a tough, durable finish with all the benefits of powder coating – including gorgeous aesthetics, a world-class sustainability footprint, and technical excellence – to non-metal substrates. 

Technical Performance

The product of countless hours of R&D investment and collaboration with allied suppliers, PureClad incorporates breakthrough solutions that deliver flexibility, chip and mar resistance, stain resistance, UV stability, scratch resistance, swell resistance and more.

Colour Choice

Colour is essential to any product, from creating a mood to defining a brand. Cabinet white is the industry standard, but PureClad is also available in various colours, including RALs, neutrals and brighter shades. What’s more, PureClad powders can be formulated to achieve multiple textures/effects that other finishing options cannot reach, providing designers and consumers with a myriad of options and manufacturers with the ability to differentiate with unique aesthetics. Custom colour matching is also available for the IFS team of colour matching experts.


The opportunities are endless, and IFS PureClad powder coatings can be used on various end-use applications, including cabinetry, furniture, residential cladding, mouldings, and wood doors.

The Environmentally Responsible Choice

The commitment to delivering the environmentally responsible choice is clear – it’s part of our mission and what we do daily. IFS PureClad is an environmentally friendly coating solution for heat-sensitive substrates that not only delivers technical excellence but contains no harmful VOC emissions, boasts an impressive carbon footprint, can be reclaimed and reused or recycled and, as it cures at lower temperatures, reduces energy consumption. Moreover, no hazardous waste is created in either manufacture or application.

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