Production management software for cabinetmakers

The latest version of WorkPLAN ERP, a software platform from Vero Software, has been developed for the specific requirements of production management, in terms of mobility and rapidity from the design phase of a project to delivery of the end product.

The platform has also developed an interface for the woodworking/joinery/interior-design sector.

In its 2018 R1 release, the WorkPLAN CRM module is said to enhance performance and accessibility with the introduction of a Mobile License solution, resulting from a collaborative partnership with Swing Mobility, a mobile applications specialist.

To optimize production equipment, the platform now offers integrated CMMS functionality.

Both Cabinet Vision and WorkPLAN users will be able to recover the project from its design phase, synchronize component libraries, recover estimated time and material requirement via the Bid Center, input optimization and nesting programs via S2M, and manage production schedules with automatic distribution.

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