Press Play: 5 Woodworking Podcasts to Try

Matthew Bradford

Looking for something to listen to in the shop? How about some informative entertainment on the drive between job sites? Audio podcasts are a fun and easily-accessible way to stay up to date on woodworking trends and learn a thing or two. 

Ahead are some of the most popular woodworking podcasts to try out. And if you’re new to podcasting, keep reading for a how-to on getting started. 

The Wood Working Morning Show (aka The Wood Whisperer)
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Since 2006, Marc Spagnuolo and the crew at The Wood Whisperer have displayed their love for woodworking through videos tackling virtually every aspect of the trade. Each of the YouTubers’ highly-crafted videos offers a mix of fun, inspiration, and tips for woodworkers at all stages of their career or hobby.

“Woodworking is a passion of mine and making videos is my way of sharing that passion with the world,” Spagnuolo shares with Wood Industry Magazine. “Even though I’m usually in the role of a teacher, I often learn as much from my audience as they learn from me. It’s incredibly gratifying.”

Another Woodshop Podcast
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Don’t let the humble name fool you; this popular weekly podcast is a trusted source for woodworking tips, workshop perspectives, and industry insights. The podcast is hosted by Mike Coffey of Coffey Custom Builds, Daniel Dunlap of Daniel Dunlap Woodworks , and Peter Capar of pTree’s Workshop, who all “share a passion for woodworking and content creation.” Each of the 110-plus episodes focuses on what each host has been up to in their shops and includes answers to listener questions.

Woodpreneur Podcast
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Join host Steve Larosiliere every week as he interviews woodworking hobbyists, entrepreneurs, influences, sawyers, and experts, throughout the industry. With topics ranging from business marketing to sustainable sourcing, and entrepreneurial tips to living the “woodpreneur” lifestyle, this streamable show is for woodworkers at all stages of their journey. 

“It’s inspiring to think that I’m impacting woodpreneurs’ lives through my podcast every week,” Larosiliere tells Wood Industry. “I like knowing that, for the people I’m interviewing, I’m very much the first press they’re ever getting for their business and that it’s motivating them and the community to keep going and keep pushing for their dream to build a sustainable and profitable wood business.”

Wood Talk
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Wood Talk podcast frequently appears on top 10 podcast lists for a good reason. Since first appearing in 2007, the show has amassed 500 episodes tackling all aspects of the trade in a fun and easily-approachable way. The podcast is hosted by industry vets, including Marc Spagnulo (of the aforementioned Wood Whisperer), Shannon Rogers, and Matt Cremona, each of which also leads side projects that are equally worth browsing. 

Making It (Part of the I Like to Make Stuff)
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Meet Bob Clagett, Jimmy Diresta, and David Picciuto, the DIY veterans behind “Making it” who, as their over-arching website suggests, really like “to “make stuff.” Each week, Clagett and the crew bring listeners along as they dig into unique projects, share maker stores, and talk about their lives outside of the hobby. The podcast covers much more than woodworking over its 350-plus episodes but is fun listening for anyone who likes to get creative.  

Podcasting 101

New to the world of podcast listening? All you need is an internet-enabled device (e.g., smartphones, laptops, computers, car stereos, etc.). Here’s how you can get started:  

  1. Download a podcast app from your device’s app store (e.g., Apple’s Apple Store or Android’s Google Play). There are many to choose from (e.g., Spotify, YouTube Music, Stitcher, Podbean), and your device may also have a music player that lets you search for podcasts.
  2. Within your preferred music/podcasting app, enter the name of the podcast you’re searching for or the general topics that interest you.
  3. Choose a podcast from the list of options. You can then scroll through the episodes and download them to your device or “stream” them instantly by pressing play. 
  4. Enjoy! If you like a certain podcast, click “Subscribe” to stay notified of the latest episodes. 
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