Premium-efficiency tools required

COVID-19 has caused a sharp increase in the demand for home renovations. People are spending more time at home through the pandemic; our homes have become our offices, schools, and cafeterias. With that shift comes a surge in home renovations to make those spaces more functional and enjoyable. Increased demand for woodworkers, along with a premium on lumber, means job site efficiency is increasingly important.

Job site cleanliness is an absolute priority. According to a 2021 Festool customer survey, nearly half of all home renovations are happening in a single room instead of whole home renovations. That means customers live inside the home while work is completed and expect dust and other mess to be nearly non-existent. 

Philip Strnad, marketing director for Festool Canada, shared insight into the trends he has noticed in the woodworking industry and how Festool meets these new opportunities.

“Contractors need to get the job done quickly and with virtually no mess,” said Strnad. “Getting the job done faster, with less clean-up time, means contractors can take on more projects.”

The key to unlocking job site efficiencies and meeting increased demand for home renovations is utilizing tool system solutions, which enable woodworkers to save time and money while keeping air and surfaces clean. Festool pairs its CT family of dust extractors with premium saws, such as the TSC 55 K cordless track saw, which means cuts are precise and dust is removed as quickly as it’s made.

The right saw helps woodworkers handle otherwise unmanageable sheets of materials, make exact and repeatable cuts, and provide clean finishes. It promises the perfect cut that limits time and material waste. According to Strnad, “a track saw should be part of a larger system and contain purposeful features that ensure every cut is exact and repeatable. Festool designed the TSC 55 K cordless track saw with exact depth settings, angle settings customizable from -1° to 47°, as well as slimline housing that allows users to make cuts up to the edges and within close proximity to a wall.”

Efficiency is more than getting the job done right the first time; it also means that the woodworker maintains ultimate safety. Woodworkers know that kickbacks can pose a safety challenge. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety suggests keeping the body to one side of the saw or using a guard with anti-kickback fingers for extra protection. However, sometimes projects necessitate cuts in the middle of the material — where kickback becomes more likely and causes the tool to lurch.

“High-quality cuts and safety are among the most valued features that professionals and hobbyists alike look for in a track saw,” said Strnad. 

Answering this call for safety and quality, Festool designed the TSC 55 K with first-of-its-kind kickback stop technology to increase user protection and provide unmatched precision.

Power and portability are two other critical elements in the call for efficiency. Cordless saws provide the flexibility to transport the tool to the job site without being tethered to a cord or outlet while still providing the same amount of power as if it were plugged in. For example, Festool’s latest track saw operates with the same power as its corded counterpart and travels in the Festool Systainer for easy mobility and security. Festool’s newest Systainer, the Sys3 tool storage system, makes for easy and organized transport of tools to and from the job site, so woodworkers don’t spend time searching for lost tools and accessories.

Woodworkers know that not all wood is created equal, and selecting the right blade for the material is critical. To complement the new track saw, Festool introduced newly-designed blades with thinner kerfs and new teeth geometries so woodworkers can tailor their cutting specifications by pairing the best-suited saw blade for the job at hand.

The right saw is a pivotal part of any project. As the demands of the job change with the times, it’s essential to reevaluate the capabilities that the latest tools of the trade provide.

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