PPG names Guacamole its 2022 Color of the Year

Glidden Paint

PPG’s Glidden Paint business named Guacamole (PPG1121-5) its 2022 Color of the Year. America seems ready to re-embrace the once-reviled Avocado, now refreshed and revisited in this palate-pleasing colour.

While the colour may seem extreme, keep in mind that Glidden is the consumer side of PPG’s paint business, sold through Walmart and Home Depot. For the professional A&D side of its coatings business, PPG has named a more restrained grey-green, Olive Spring (PPG1125-4, one digit over) as 2022 Color of the Year.

“As many of us know, following a year of lockdown, the easiest way to shift your mindset is to change your environment,” says Amy Donato, senior colour marketing manager, PPG paint. “While we begin to trade sweatpants for strappy shoes, recipes for reservations, and a night in for a night out, our paint colour preferences are shifting too, in both residential and commercial spaces.”

Donato says that DIYers, property managers, designers, and architects are shifting away from yesterday’s stark, neutral palettes and opting for color in all forms.

“Call it rebellion, but we are certainly here for the resurgence of optimistic colours to guide us into a new era of home design.”

In a survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Glidden Paint, 62 percent of Americans would be willing to use green paint somewhere in their home. The colour complements a variety of spaces and styles, including kitchens with glossy white subway tiles, furniture with blonde wood tones, and the ever-present gold and matte black accents millennials are said to favour. This survey was conducted online within the United States in August 2021 among 2044 adults ages 18 and older.

Guacamole is touted to provide extra zen for the home office or create a bedroom retreat. Glidden paint by PPG recommends using the colour Guacamole on all four walls and pairing with real or faux plants of all shapes and sizes.

“We’ve all saved beautiful green kitchens and earthy-inspired bedrooms on our Pinterest boards and TikToks over the past year and a half, driven by our need for calm, regrowth, and rejuvenation after living through these ‘unprecedented times,’” says Kim Perry, Glidden paint colour guru.

Once their paint dries, Perry expects to see homeowners “make their social screenshots a reality and hopefully gear up for some ‘precedented’ times in the future.” The survey also found that 72% of young Americans (18–34-year-olds) look for ways to save money when taking on a painting project.

According to PPG, picking the 2022 color of the year is not as simple as choosing between chicken or barbacoa for a burrito bowl. Glidden paint relies on more than 30 colour experts who carefully analyze and evaluate trends across multiple industries that impact colour preferences, including the fashion runway, lifestyles, global events, and cross-cultural inspirations, to determine what colours consumers will actually use in 2022 and beyond.

After studying the global impact of the past year, its experts recognized that green would be the “it” colour for 2022 and beyond. In fact, online searches for green paint colours have more than doubled since 2020—another indicator that homeowners are searching for rejuvenation and regrowth after living through the strangest year on record.

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