PCL Welcomes Sustainability Expert Anton Pojasok

In a significant move underscoring its commitment to environmental stewardship, PCL Construction has welcomed Anton Pojasok as the new director of sustainability. Pojasok, who brings over two decades of experience in environmental management, is set to drive PCL’s sustainability strategy into a new era of eco-conscious construction.

Before joining PCL, Pojasok honed his expertise as vice president of environmental management at Ontario Realty Corporation – Infrastructure Ontario. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing environmental compliance, sustainability, and energy management programs for one of Canada’s most extensive real estate portfolios. This experience has equipped him with the skills necessary to spearhead PCL’s sustainability initiatives.

Dave Filipchuk, PCL’s president and CEO, expressed confidence in Pojasok’s ability to lead the company’s sustainability efforts. Filipchuk noted, “Anton is a seasoned leader in the areas of climate resilience and environmental protection… His deep experience will be essential as we extend our reputation as sustainability leaders and adapt and respond to climate change.” In his new role, Pojasok is expected to collaborate with various stakeholders to develop cost-effective strategies that enhance the sustainability of PCL’s projects. This will involve focusing on reduced energy consumption and achieving low-carbon targets.

Pojasok’s appointment is not just a personnel change but a strategic move aligning with PCL’s vision of sustainable design and construction. Pojasok himself emphasizes the importance of this mission, stating, “‘Less is more’ is the essence of sustainability… there are cost-effective ways to reduce a structure’s impact on the environment with enhanced returns on investment.” His approach encapsulates a holistic view of sustainability, spanning from early planning stages through construction and building operations.

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