Partnership Plans To Advance Window and Door Industry Forward

Last week, the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) and Fenestration Canada (FENCAN) announced their formal agreement to partner together in an effort to progress the window and door industry forward. Both associations believe that this collaboration will be mutually beneficial and ultimately promote, protect, and advance the sector across North America. This agreement had both WDMA and FENCAN pledge to work together in a productive manner on cross-border policy issues to achieve the most favourable outcome for the members of both associations. Partnering up together and facing these issues in unison is believed to attain greater results.

WDMA was founded in 1927 as the premier trade association in Washington, D.C., that represents the industry’s leading manufacturers of residential and commercial window, door, and skylight products for the domestic and export markets. The members are focused on products that are designed to last and exceed performance-based standards. The association focuses on advocation, product performance, educating non-industry members about the sector, and relaying important information on the fenestration ecosystem.

FENCAN is a Canadian non-profit association representing the window and door industry, its suppliers, and stakeholders. Founded in 1986, originally as the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturer’s Association, FENCAN has over 200 member organizations with members across all ten provinces. The organization recently announced the formation of its new commercial glazing chapter. FENCAN’s new commercial chapter will support members, implement strategies, identify opportunities, promote growth, and boost the industry.

WDMA and FENCAN have always had a great working relationship but we are excited to formalize our efforts and deploy the combined influence of both organizations in the policy arena,” said Michael O’Brien, WDMA president, and CEO.

Stéphane Labelle, Fenestration Canada’s Executive Director added to the discussion explaining how “this collaboration represents a unique opportunity for both organizations to pool their expertise to advance the industry as a whole. By working together, we can better overcome challenges, drive innovation, and promote the interests of manufacturers and stakeholders across the fenestration sector.

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