Panel Express System: Streamline Your Laminating Process

The Black Bros. Panel Express heat-assisted rotary laminator is designed to laminate all types of High-Pressure Laminate and backer sheets to particleboard or MDF. The Panel Express has six silicone-covered, driven rolls, variable-speed, 6” diameter (152 mm) or 9” diameter (229 mm), depending on nominal width, that force out air and nip the substrate and laminate together. Two upper and two lower wide-area, radiant heaters are independently controllable for top and bottom laminating that accelerates the adhesive cure by reducing moisture.

When used in conjunction with environmentally-friendly PVA high solids adhesives, the Panel Express Laminating System allows you to move from laminating into production without the need for additional curing or press time while eliminating the hazards and waste related to solvent-based and spray methods. Best of all, it can increase your production and meet your volume demands under the watch of a single operator.

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The Black Bros. Panel Express System consists of a Panel Feeder, Panel Cleaner, Top & Bottom Adhesive Spreader, Laminate Indexing Station, Panel Express, and an Outfeed Scissor Lift. The Panel Express Laminating System is capable of running 3’ (914 mm) x 7’ (2,134 mm) up to 5’ (1,524 mm) x 12’ (3,658 mm) and ½” or thicker panels up to 250 lbs. With manual feeding, you can run 24” (610 mm) widths by 48” (1,219 mm) lengths and ¼” thick.

Features include:

  • In-line continuous flow process
  • Ability to do many custom size runs in one shift
  • Can start with basic system and as production requirements grow, add more automation
  • Capable of laminating 240, 5’ (1,524 mm) x 12’ (3,658 mm) panels in an 8-hour shift
  • Heated and Non-Heated Panel Express available
  • Allows cut-to-size lamination
  • Allows lamination of custom shapes

A world-class designer and manufacturer of coating and laminating machinery, Black Bros. was founded in 1882 and is in its sixth generation of family ownership. Today it continues to provide manufacturers worldwide with the highest quality equipment built with the specificity to meet each customer’s individual needs and the durability to stand the test of time.

Designed and manufactured in Mendota, IL.

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