Osborne Introduces Mid-Century Modern Collection

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is an international supplier of high-quality wood components. Their extensive line of products includes table legs, corbels, cabinetry, moulding, inlays, hardware, and more. Their newest addition is the Mid-Century Modern line featuring over 40 products ranging from table legs to floating shelf hardware.

“This facet of furniture design captures the feel of the ’60s along with the straight lines of contemporary style,” says Leon Osborne, CEO of Osborne Wood Products about the newly released collection. “You can easily achieve that look with our new selection.”

The biggest highlight of the Mid-Century Modern line is the Wheeler legs and furniture feet. The Wheeler is a highly functional and versatile design because of its slim dimensions and round profile. The simple tapering effect allows this piece to stand out without the need for ornamentation. Osborne carries the Wheeler leg in heights ranging from 6″ to 29,” accommodating anything from a sofa to a dining room table. The classic leg is a 100 per cent wooden tapered leg, but variations include a brushed metal ferrule at the base and a top block. These unfinished legs are available in nine wood types, including cherry, hickory, maple, mahogany, and walnut.

“We understand that current furniture trends appreciate the dynamics that characterize
Mid-Century Modern design and have expanded our inventory to promote this style,” says Osborne about the line.

Other leg styles offered in the collection are the Brighton and Weston designs. The Brighton leg appears traditional but can easily enhance a mid-century modern room because of its geometric elements. The leg features a top rectangular block, a tapered cone base, and a sphere in between. It’s available in dining table, end table, and coffee table heights. The Weston leg is a square piece with the gorgeous juxtaposition of a wooden leg and brushed metal base.

The distinct lines of this design highlight minimalism and elegance. At 29,” 34 ½,” and 35 ½” tall, the Weston is ideal for dining room tables or kitchen islands.

Osborne offers multiple ways for designers and builders to achieve the mid-century modern look effortlessly. It’s simple to attach table legs straight to the floor or at a 12-degree angle with the Leg Mounting Plates, which eliminates the need for a table skirt. These sets feature four mounting plates, threaded inserts, bolts, and plenty of wood screws to build a contemporary table quickly.

Another option for attaching table legs is the Leg Mounting Cleats. These cleats are available in straight and angled versions with sizes ranging from 12″ to 36″ in length. Made out of hard maple and cherry, the stylish build of the cleats makes them an asset to the overall table design.

“For over 40 years, we’ve been providing components for woodworkers from the DIY group to the industrial manufacturers,” says Osborne. “Our customers are confident in our components because they remain structurally strong, accommodate industry trends, and are readily available.”

This innovative line is an exciting expansion to Osborne’s current selection.

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