Ontario’s Housing Policy: Fourplexes Off the Table

Toronto, Ontario – Premier Doug Ford has confirmed that the Ontario government will not pursue the development of fourplex housing units as part of its next housing legislation. This decision stands in contrast to earlier recommendations aimed at improving housing affordability through increased density. Despite previous measures to encourage the development of up to three units per residential lot, Ford emphasized the government’s focus will remain on single dwelling homes and townhomes, citing community disruption concerns for higher-density projects.

The Premier’s announcement underscores a significant pivot from expected strategies to combat the housing affordability crisis, aligning with the government’s commitment to maintain community integrity over rapid densification. Critics, however, argue this move sidelines an effective approach to expanding housing availability and affordability across the province, potentially impacting Ontario’s ability to meet its ambitious housing targets.

In response to inquiries about affordability and the type of homes being prioritized, Ford highlighted the government’s efforts towards facilitating “starter homes” through modular builds, emphasizing affordability and practicality for Ontario residents. Despite the shift away from fourplex development, municipal flexibility in housing strategies remains, with local governments encouraged to pursue varied approaches within federal funding frameworks.

This policy decision has sparked dialogue among political figures, housing experts, and the public, reflecting the complex challenges facing Ontario’s housing sector. As the province navigates these challenges, the focus remains on balancing growth, affordability, and community needs in its pursuit of sustainable housing solutions.

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