Ontario Invests $2.6 Million in Newcomer Job Training Projects to Address Labor Shortage

July 11, Ontario is taking a proactive step to support newcomers, including displaced Afghans and Ukrainians, by investing $2.6 million in four training projects aimed at helping over 300 individuals find employment opportunities. The funding is not only geared towards empowering newcomers to support themselves and their families but also intended to boost Ontario’s economy.

Empowering Newcomer Women: Over half of the funding, a substantial portion, is allocated to Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto, which will provide 230 women with essential career coaching and opportunities for paid internships. This initiative seeks to empower and equip these women with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure stable and fulfilling career paths.

Facilitating Employment in Manufacturing: UTIMUS, an organization specializing in employment training for newcomers, will be funded to implement a project aimed at preparing 60 unemployed or underemployed Afghan and Ukrainian newcomers to enter the manufacturing sector. The training will equip them with relevant skills and knowledge, increasing their employability in this vital industry.

Enhancing Job Opportunities for Longer-Term Success: Matthew House Ottawa will leverage the funding to hire and train 15 newcomers, providing them with essential support and guidance to secure longer-term job opportunities. This initiative focuses on offering sustainable pathways for newcomers to establish themselves in the job market.

Fostering Artistic Careers: Recognizing the talent and aspirations of Ukrainian artists, Toronto Artscape Inc. plans to support 30 Ukrainian artists in pursuing careers in the arts industry. By providing training and assistance, this project aims to enrich Ontario’s arts scene while offering promising prospects to skilled newcomers in the creative field.

Labour Minister Monte McNaughton emphasized the significance of these initiatives in acknowledging the sacrifices newcomers make to reach Canada. By empowering them with tailored training and job opportunities, the government aims to integrate newcomers more effectively into the Canadian workforce while contributing to Ontario’s economic growth.

The funding for these training projects is a commendable step by the Ontario government towards fostering inclusivity and providing essential support to those who have sought refuge in the province. These initiatives will not only alleviate the labor shortage but also demonstrate Ontario’s commitment to creating a thriving and diverse workforce that benefits all members of society.

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