Online Lean Yellow Belt Certification

Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario

WMCO Online Lean Certification is available on-demand and open to members and non-members. The lean trainers are experts in their field and have worked in the wood industry for many years. If you are interested in on-site training, funding is available through the Canada Ontario Job Grant.

Intended for all staff, including managers, support staff, administration, and trainers who require comprehensive initial training in Lean to prepare them to contribute to a Lean process workplace. The flexible and cost-effective solution is based on the practices perfected by Lean Advisors through decades of hands-on experience in the public and private sectors and working with global Lean leaders. 

Lean Advisors are pioneers in the application of Lean beyond its manufacturing origins. For over two decades, they have successfully delivered the original spirit of Lean to organizations across North America. Helping companies build high-performance teams that continually innovate to transform their organizations using lean principles and methodology. Their goal is to help companies to do what’s called Lean: “To do more with fewer resources,” transforming the existing processes and culture of the organization into flexible and fully scalable operations to take companies to the next level by maximizing the value of the business.

What separates them from other Lean Shops is the breadths of expertise of our seasoned operational experts with diverse industry experiences in business sectors. They know that the biggest challenges in an organization’s business transformations are:

  • Improving the company culture
  • Execution and sustaining operational excellence projects
  • Maintaining key priorities and focus, especially in the light of technological changes
  • Need for end-to-end business transformation, entailing breaking down functional silos that lack aligned goals
  • Keeping up with new technologies
  • Designing processes without ‘waste’ and determining technology to support the future state
  • Need for leadership understanding and buy-in and con
  • Consistent support

The Online Lean Yellow Belt Certification is a flexible program that allows you to learn online at your own pace. Upon successful completion, you will receive an Online Lean Yellow Belt Certificate and a full academic achievement transcript listing your marks for each completed course.

An individual with a Lean Yellow Belt has had broad training in the essential Lean principles, techniques, and tools relating to your unique environment and providing value to the customer.

The course comprises seven modules: Concepts, Value Stream, Kaizen Events, Planning and Charters, 5S, Mistake Proofing, and Achieving Flow.

The Lean Yellow Belt is well qualified to participate and contribute as a full member of a Lean Kaizen improvement team and in a lean work environment. Upon completing the Lean Yellow Belt Program, you will have the capacity and confidence to demonstrate leadership skills and mentor and assist other team members with less Lean training and knowledge.

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