One Micron Filtration System


Transor’s patented OMF (One Micron Filtration) enables the VOLLMER machines to achieve faster cycle times and consistent, accurate finishes on complex circular saw blade tooth tops and faces, as well as saw blade side angles. According to Transor’s CEO, Irv Kaage, VOLLMER customers will be able to see both these machines and the Transor Filtration unit in action when installation is complete in a couple of weeks.

VOLLMER is a world leader in machine tool technology for producing and maintaining circular saw blades and rotary tools. Transor specializes in providing One Micron filtration solutions for companies that produce cutting tools and saw blades. To that end, VOLLMER and Transor will work together to offer the finest in their given fields to their customers. 

Transor Filter is a world leader in providing filtration solutions for various manufacturing applications such as grinding, honing, lapping, superfinishing, and EDM. In addition, Transor manufactures a complete line of high-performance EDM dielectrics and grinding oils.

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