Northtech’s iGlue Wins Third Consecutive AWFS Las Vegas Visionary Award

Las Vegas, July 26- Northtech Machine LLC has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the prestigious AWFS Visionary Award for New Machine of the Year Under $50,000 for the third consecutive time at the AWFS show in Las Vegas, North America’s largest woodworking event of the year. The winning machine, the Northtech iGlue, has garnered attention for its revolutionary dovetail glue applicator, earning accolades for its innovation and industry impact.

The iGlue stands out as a groundbreaking dovetail glue applicator that automates and simplifies the gluing process. It automatically adjusts to various part thicknesses, widths, and dovetail patterns, streamlining the gluing procedure. With a single servo-driven glue head that swiftly moves over the part, scans, and applies glue within seconds, the iGlue can glue over 100 dovetails per minute with an 18″ working width.

Brandon Koetter, President of Northtech, proudly describes the iGlue as user-friendly, stating, “You literally just stick your part in.” The machine features an onboard glue pot and an optional water pot for easy cleaning. Its efficient design incorporates a single disposable plastic tip, available in four sizes, and an automatic sleep mode that places the tip in a water bath.

This latest award reinforces Northtech’s commitment to excellence in the woodworking industry. The company has successfully earned recognition in the market with its focus on innovative dovetail machinery. In 2021, Northtech received the Visionary Award for Machine of the Year over $50,000 and the IWF’s 2022 Challenger Award for Machine of the Year for their iDovetail, a 3-axis CNC dovetailer.

Northtech’s consecutive wins at AWFS Las Vegas demonstrate their dedication to pushing the boundaries of woodworking technology. The iGlue’s ability to deliver precise and efficient dovetail gluing showcases the company’s commitment to providing industry-leading solutions. As Northtech continues to make strides in the market, their machines are poised to shape the future of woodworking and further solidify their reputation as visionaries in the industry.

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