Nobilis Award Winners: New or Renovated Kitchens

The Association des professionnels de la construction et de l’habitation du Québec (APCHQ) is proud that the Nobilis Awards are the result of consumer recognition of the winners and finalists, members of the Association. The candidates’ mission: to make their clients’ real estate dreams come true.
Under the watchful eye of an independent jury of industry professionals, each project selected as a finalist underwent a rigorous selection process, including a site visit. The winning projects must stand out in several respects, including quality of construction and design, integration with the environment, technical features and constraints, and value for money.

This week, we present the winners in the New or Renovated Kitchens category for three award levels: $30,000 and under, $30,000 to $45,000, and over $45,000. Next week, we’ll look at the winners in the Interior Renovations category.

Under $30,000: Christian Marcoux – Cuisine et mobilier design

Christian Marcoux cuisine et mobilier design, in collaboration with Blanc Marine, this renovation project blends in perfectly with a Charlesbourg home. Christian Marcoux cuisine et mobilier design is a manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, custom-made furniture, and a specialist in high-end architectural cabinetry. It aspires to become a reference in the Quebec City area. Its team includes top-notch kitchen designers, cabinetmakers, and installers. Christian Marcoux cuisine et mobilier design stands out for its turnkey kitchen and bathroom projects that go beyond the conventional framework and are distinguished by the quality of their design, attention to detail, and high precision manufacturing.

Seduced by its natural look and timeless style, the clients chose a natural brushed finish black granite for the countertops. For the many cabinets, using a synthetic matte black material ensures consistency and coherence. For its part, the insertion of stained white oak consolidates the room’s warm and elegant character. Every aesthetic detail seems to have been considered at length; the fluidity of movement demonstrates that ergonomics remain at the heart of this kitchen.

From $30,000 to $45,000 : AC Kitchens

In a house located near Bois-de-Coulonge, in Sillery, this project, signed AC Cuisines, blends in perfectly with the rest of the house. Since 1974, AC Kitchens has specialized in manufacturing and installing high-end kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and built-in furniture for new construction and home renovations. Their mission is to create a unique design for every project they undertake, one that is of the highest quality and reflects the style of its owner. Over the years, the team’s expertise has made AC Kitchens a leader whose reputation for quality and excellence is recognized by industry professionals and the general public.

With its top-of-the-line hardware and superior finish, every detail appears to have been thoughtfully considered and carefully executed. Bright and soft, the white colour scheme contrasts elegantly with the oak and black granite island. In terms of functionality, this renovation, carried out in collaboration with Boivin Entrepreneur, has everything to please.

Over $45,000: Richard & Lévesque Kitchens

With its classic and timeless lines, this major transformation was carried out by Richard & Lévesque Cuisines Salles de Bain and its designer-kitchen designer Chantale Lahaye, with the collaboration of Version III Design. In 1999, cabinetmaker Steve Richard and businessman François Lévesque created Richard & Lévesque, a manufacturer of custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Today, the name is synonymous with exception and distinction in the Quebec City, Montreal, and Toronto markets.

With almost surgical precision, minor details have been considered, leaving nothing to chance. The quality of the workmanship is reflected in the extraordinary cutting of the wood, which can be appreciated from both sides. The renovated kitchen is in harmony with the whole plush residence in Lac-Beauport.

Check back next week to learn more about the Nobilis Award winners in the Interior Renovations category.

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