Nobilis Award Winners: Interior Renovations

Under the watchful eye of an independent jury of industry professionals, each project selected as a finalist for a Nobilis Award went through a rigorous selection process, including a site visit. The winning projects must stand out in several respects, including quality of construction and design, integration with the environment, technical features and constraints, and value for money.

The Association des professionnels de la construction et de l’habitation du Québec (APCHQ) is proud that the Nobilis Awards are a recognition by consumers of the winners and finalists who are members of the Association. The candidates’ mission: to make their clients’ real estate dreams come true.

This week, we present the winners in the “Interior Renovations” category for two award levels: under $150,000 and over $150,000. Last week we presented the winners in the New or Renovated Kitchens category for three price levels.

Over $150,000: Erige

Renovating the four levels of this ancestral home in the Montcalm district without altering the original style and spirit of the building was a challenge, whether it involved removing asbestos, digging up the basement, or modifying the main staircase. Erige is a family business made up of young people passionate about building and architectural heritage. Erige is a general contractor offering design, construction, renovation, and project management services. Their services also include the design and manufacture of custom elements for projects.

From the cabinetry made by Menuiserie Dubois, to the tiling by Couvre-Plancher Haute-Ville, to the painting by Québec Peinture, this major renovation by Erige, who also created the interior design and furniture, is a guaranteed wow! For our clients, who are lovers of built heritage, this respectfully transformed house is, without a doubt, a favourite!

Under $150,000: Manero Construction

Changing the original purpose of the basement of this Sillery house, the Manero Construction team, with the collaboration of Berthiaume Design for the conception, plans, and design, gave life to a true “man cave” that was anything but confined. With a team of professional and experienced contractors, Manero Construction is there for you every step of the way. Whether for the delivery of a turnkey project, or the complete or partial management of projects, Manero adapts its services to meet the scope of its clients’ needs. Constantly on the lookout for new trends and industry quality standards.

Integrating a bedroom, a full bathroom, a training room, and a bar area offer privacy to the clients’ guests, who will be able to settle in for a few days. With the exposed ceiling structure, touches of wood and concrete give an impressive and coherent mix of textures to these new living areas.

Over $150,000: BDM Construction

This stunning ground-floor interior renovation in a Montcalm home is at the intersection of modern and classic. Completed by BDM Construction in collaboration with Peggy Tanguay of PEG Concept, the project respects the style of the house in every way, despite a host of technical challenges, such as the condemnation of a period fireplace and chimney. Construction BDM Inc. works as a general contractor in the commercial and residential sectors throughout the province of Quebec. The company’s primary focus is on major renovation and new construction projects. Construction BDM Inc. distinguishes itself through its specialized approach to custom projects. Each project is unique.

The cabinetry is beautiful and meticulous on both sides, accentuating the warmth of the home while showing fine attention to detail. Looking up to appreciate the remarkable work on the ceilings, one realizes that this project leaves absolutely nothing to chance.

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