New Woodgrains from Tafisa’s Lummia collection

Introducing the latest expansion to Tafisa’s Lummia collection, now featuring an exquisite range of woodgrain colors that redefine decorative panels and laminates. The Lummia collection, known for its superior lacquered finishes, welcomes four captivating woodgrains from the Prélude and Sommet series, now available in both High Gloss and Perfect Matt finishes.


In Perfect Matt:

Sheer Beauty (PM581) and Kiss-Curl (PM592) offer a velvety texture that is completely fingerprint-resistant, enhancing spaces with their subtle elegance.


In High Gloss:

Fashionista (HG582) and Winter Fun! (HG2004) highlight the natural beauty of woodgrains with a stunning reflective finish, creating vibrant and dynamic interiors.

All standard Tafisa Woodgrains colors are now accessible in these finishes, under specific conditions, broadening design possibilities. Additionally, the new Perfect Matt woodgrains integrate seamlessly into Tafisa’s mouldings program, available in multiple profiles for a cohesive look.

Discover these innovative additions and elevate your projects with the unmatched quality and style of the Lummia collection. Contact your Tafisa representative for more details and transform spaces with the latest in decorative sophistication.

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