New Virtual Showroom for Lacasse Group

Ambre O. Khiari

Going high-tech, Lacasse group introduced its new virtual showroom this week, a digital version of its brand new 10,000-square-foot showroom, which opened in 2018 in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

Circulation is achieved by clicking on a series of white circles that lead us through the floor space.

On each piece of furniture exposed is a black and white circle: in one click, the details are displayed to access the most useful information. Conference room, open space, private offices and common areas are displayed.

In the bottom left corner of the screen, two buttons give access to a 2D or 3D vision of the plan, and then back to the virtual visit.


Lacasse Group is a North American leader in the design, manufacture and service of a broad range of high-quality furniture solutions for all types of business and institutional environments. Headquartered in Saint-Pie, Quebec, the company employs over 561 people.

This makes the company one of the only five large companies in the secondary wood industry, estimated by Zoominfo to have annual revenues of $113 million.

Established in 1956, the company started out of the Lacasse family garage and gradually became the most significant manufacturer of sewing machine cabinets in Canada over the next two decades


Instead of sending everyone home, we stayed as a team and asked ourselves how we could adapt our products to the first wave of telecommuting.”

In just a few weeks, Lacasse was able to come up with pre-configured teleworking furniture that was ready to ship out in just five days.

In addition to its new collection for teleworkers, Lacasse also launched the manufacturing of furniture designed to respect physical distancing requirements established by public health authorities throughout Canada during the pandemic.

In relaxation areas, cafeteria, public areas, closed office and open offices, the company turned to Plexiglas to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the workplace.

A year later, in an ambitious business plan begun in 2013 to modernize its facilities, Lacasse acquired the world’s largest robot for storing and handling particleboard. This robot is about 30 feet high and stores melamine panels of different sizes and colors in 162 locations on five floors.

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