New Benchtop Planers Surpassing the Benchmarks

Scott Brumwell, Busy Bee Tools

Everyone knows a planer is an essential tool in any woodworker’s shop; that’s why it’s so important to have one that’s reliable and effective for dressing lumber. 

The best part of the benchtop model is how much less space it takes up than an old-school planer which used to take up half the shop. There are dozens of benchtop models out there with different specs and features, and two new ones have entered the mix.

Busy Bee Tools has recently launched two new Benchtop Planer with Helical Style Cutterhead in the 12 ½” (CX125HC) and 8″ (CX08BTHC) models. These are the news items from the company’s Craftex CX Series, a household name in Canadian woodworking, and can be found in thousands of workshops across the country.

“These two machines have quickly become top sellers for us,” says Scott Brumwell, senior sales and marketing manager at Busy Bee Tools. “They represent high quality, affordable machines that don’t take up much room, making them an attractive option for any shop.”

The new 12 ½” Benchtop Planer with Helical Style Cutterhead features a powerful 2HP and a six-row helical cutterhead with 24 indexable two-seed cutters giving customers power and superior finish they’d expect from a stationary machine. Designed to manage larger, deeper cuts in wood, the helical style cutterhead is quieter and delivers a smoother finish than straight knife planers, reducing sanding time thanks to a cutterhead speed of 10,000 RPM.

This unit comes equipped with a cut depth indicator that automatically measures the depth of cut for each pass taken up to 1/8″ and features built-in dust collection with dual ports at 2-1/2″ and 4″ for easy hook up to a shop vac or dust collector. The cutterhead raises and lowers on a four-column precision ground carriage system which drastically reduces snipe. The side carry handles allow for ease of portability, and blade changes on this machine are simple and fast. 

Chip an insert cutter? No problem; simply unscrew the indexable cutter and rotate to get a fresh new cutting edge. Say goodbye to cumbersome and time-consuming blade changes with traditional straight knife planers.

“We tested this planer directly against the popular selling DeWalt DW735 13″ Planer and found this machine to be superior in noise level, smoothness of cut, and overall performance,” says Busy Bee. “This machine is designed to tackle any type of wood.”

The 8″ model is smaller and features a 1HP and a four-row helical cutterhead with 16 indexable cutters giving the user the power and superior finish as the 12″ model.

Teflon coated tables allow for better movement of work even when dealing with the toughest of hardwoods. The table also features extendable handles, extending the surface for longer pieces of wood and double as strong carry handles for ease of portability. The depth of the cut gauge helps the user accurately set the cut depth to remove the desired amount of material. 

The strong aluminum fence is lightweight, keeping the overall weight of the machine down, and has positive stops at the most common fence positions, 90° & 135° outwards. With its parallelogram table adjustment, spring-loaded retractable safety guard, and two safety push blocks, this machine is well-equipped.

Both models come with cutter insert Torx and adjustment keys, are backed by a full three-year warranty, and are available exclusively at Busy Bee Tools.

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