Nesting Plug-In

DDX Software Solutions

The DDX NESTING ALGORITHM is dedicated explicitly to processing nested parts. DDX NESTING offers many advantages in production workflow: waste material is reduced by optimizing the available panel or slab, production time gets optimized as the software finds the best CNC machining path, and waste management is improved with automatic recovery of unused portions of material which is then added to the inventory for future use.

Managing parts by groups in slab or panel layouts is possible when needed. You can also manage vein or grain direction and import parts from a list via CSV file. DXF and STEP file generation of the nested layout and assigning the machining operations with Automatic CAM are also possible. Finally, thanks to “ONE CUT” machining with automatic optimization, single cut machining and “FREE SHAPE” optimization for cutting free shapes can reduce waste by up to 30%.

CABINET 3D is a specific solution dedicated to furniture design and interior furnishing. Thanks to the partnership with PYTHA LAB GmbH, CABINET 3D is the ideal software for furniture planning, presentation and production.

It is a parametric software that simplifies the realization of complex furniture shapes. It helps to create parametric cabinets, drawers and fronts, double-sided cabinets, slanted and attic furniture, intricate parts and assembly frames, contoured panels and many other furniture elements. CABINET also features automatic interfacing with CAM (automatic machining association) and dynamic hardware distribution in 3D to make the production process even more accessible.

CABINET 3D has a highly intuitive interface so that users can quickly learn how to operate the system in a short time, with ease, and at their own pace. Thanks to the powerful rendering engine, users can have a realistic preview of the projects with the possibility of changing the light sources and seeing the effects live.

CABINET 3D is the first choice for woodworkers who need powerful, intuitive software, suitable to plan high-end bedrooms, simple wardrobes or luxury range kitchens, and to be used for commercial joinery, contract furniture and highly detailed bespoke joinery.

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