Nederman Unveils Innovative “Nederman SAVE” Technology at AWFS 2023, Revolutionizing Air Filtration in Woodworking Industry

Nederman, a renowned global leader in industrial air filtration solutions, has launched a groundbreaking technology called Nederman SAVE for woodworking manufacturers. This revolutionary solution, showcased at the AWFS booth #1759, introduces intelligent airflow control that optimizes air filtration, enhances performance, and ensures energy-saving benefits for both new and existing industrial filtration systems.

Nederman SAVE is a comprehensive and intelligent airflow control system designed to enhance dust collector performance and optimize air filtration in industrial settings. By leveraging operational data from machines, this cutting-edge technology accurately determines the precise amount of air needed for effective dust extraction and safe material transport. The key benefits of Nederman SAVE are as follows:

  1. Energy Reduction: By intelligently adjusting the airflow, the fan motor consumes significantly less power, resulting in up to a remarkable 70% reduction in energy consumption.
  2. Safety and Reliability: Nederman SAVE ensures compliance with ATEX and NFPA standards for combustible dust, enhancing employee safety through improved extraction and operational monitoring.
  3. Productivity Data: The system utilizes collected process or machine data to maintain proper airflow, enabling the tracking of machine operation and utilization through Nederman Insight visualization.
  4. Increased Capacity: Nederman SAVE optimizes fan operation based on actual airflow requirements, freeing up capacity within existing systems and reducing the size, footprint, and installation cost of new systems.
  5. Reduced Maintenance: Lower airflow leads to reduced system wear and tear, including decreased abrasion and filter cleaning, extending the lifespan of system components and minimizing downtime.
  6. HVAC Savings: By extracting only the necessary amount of air at machines, the load on the HVAC system is reduced, resulting in energy savings.
  7. Reduced Noise: Lower fan RPM and extraction only when required contribute to a quieter working environment. Additionally, filters require less cleaning, thereby reducing compressed air pulse or fan noise.

Flexible Integration and IoT Compatibility:

Nederman SAVE is a highly flexible technology capable of adapting to various existing dust collection systems, including baghouses (reverse air or pulse jet), cartridge collectors, systems with multiple fans, and more. Besides energy savings, retrofitting underperforming systems can breathe new life into them or create additional capacity for machine expansion.


Future-Proofing Your Factory:

Incorporating SAVE into new dust collection system designs ensures optimization from day one, potentially reducing capital expenses, system footprints, and allowing room for future expansion. The energy-saving features and IoT-ready technology of Nederman SAVE promise to future-proof factories and maximize profitability.


Nederman Insight Integration:

Nederman SAVE directly integrates with the cloud-based IIoT platform Nederman Insight, providing real-time monitoring, visualization, and tracking of system performance. Users can access live data remotely via web and mobile devices, which is also stored in the cloud for performance analytics and trend analysis.


AWFS 2023 Recognition:

Nederman SAVE has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious AWFS 2023 Visionary New Product Awards in the Industry 4.0 product category. Winners will be announced at the 2023 AWFS booth in the south lobby of the West Hall at 9:15 am on Thursday, July 27.

With the introduction of Nederman SAVE, Nederman reinforces its commitment to revolutionizing the woodworking industry’s air filtration practices, ensuring enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and a greener, more sustainable future for the sector.

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