Nearly $25 million to accelerate Quebec’s digital shift

The Government of Quebec is announcing $24.6 million in funding to support eight new projects under the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI). Covering various economic sectors, these initiatives will help an additional 2,000 businesses transform their business processes and raise awareness of the importance of going digital among some 6,000 businesses, including 700 furniture and cabinetry companies.

“The Digital Transformation Offensive, launched on March 29, 2021, aims to support businesses so that they can accelerate, plan and succeed in their digital shift,” said Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of the Economy and Innovation and Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development. “Today, we are continuing the implementation of this initiative by working with new associations that have mastered the issues and challenges of their sector, which will allow us to respond well to the needs of SMEs. In a context of labour scarcity, the digital shift is essential to the success of Quebec businesses.”

This support, which is in addition to the $56.8 million already granted by the Government of Quebec, will bring the number of businesses supported to 11,000, while 49,000 of them will be made aware of the importance of undertaking or consolidating a digital transition process. OTN has a total budget of $130 million to stimulate the digital transition of businesses in all sectors of activity and regions of Quebec. Other projects will be announced by March 31, 2022.

OTN is a strategic initiative that aims to mobilize and coordinate the various economic ministries and strategic partners in the economic development ecosystem and networks of expertise. The objective is to provide greater support to businesses wishing to undertake or consolidate a digital transformation process.

Worth more than $48 million, the new initiatives announced are funded by the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation and are headed by strategic partners mobilized to achieve this objective.

3 million for the Institute for Digital Governance (IGN)

Together with the Association des fabricants de meubles du Québec and the Association des fabricants et détaillants de l’industrie de la cuisine du Québec, the IGN wants to promote the digital transition of businesses in these sectors to enable them to modernize their marketing methods. The project will receive $3 million in financial assistance.

“Going digital for a company is not just a technological issue. It implies a change in the way it governs itself while commanding greater openness and collaboration between all the players in its ecosystem,” said Jean-François Gauthier, President and CEO of the Institute for Digital Governance. “The IGN and its partners are proud to contribute to the sustainable adaptation of companies in important economic sectors to an increasingly demanding business environment.”

6.48 million for the Réseau des centres d’expertise industrielle (RCEI)

The RCEI program is designed to support companies in accelerating the development of digital projects and integrating the principles of Industry 4.0. The RCEI will provide training, data valorisation, and technology demonstration activities. The program is supported by $6.48 million in funding. It is also enhanced by the collaboration of Investissement Québec – CRIQ, whose team will provide complementary technological expertise and facilitate access. Other partners are expected to confirm their contributions in the coming weeks.

“Although our SMEs are aware of the importance of initiating or continuing their digital transformation, they must be encouraged to take action, in the right way and, above all, more quickly,” said Julie Ethier, General Manager of DEL and representative of the RCEI for this occasion. “The amount allocated to the RCEI makes it possible to offer manufacturing and industrial companies easier, broader and faster access to a solid network of neutral experts present in the CIS. By exploring, comparing, experimenting, or implementing new technologies, Quebec companies will improve their competitiveness and be in an excellent position to stand out on the world stage.”

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