Nederman introduces a new concept for clean air solutions and services with their myAir offering. The myAir concept combines our latest SmartFilter dust collector offering with a scalable service platform that includes traditional on-site services and a digital monitoring service capable of monitoring live data. 

Efficient and effective maintenance of industrial filtration solutions is essential to safety, controlling operational costs and maintaining productivity. With Nederman myAir, customers have access to data analytics and enhanced technical support empowering them to take control of their factory air like never before. 

“Companies investing in air filtration are rarely filter experts and want to focus on their business and production,” says Hans Dahlén, SVP of Extraction & Filtration Technology Division. “With Nederman myAir, we revolutionize the industrial air filtration industry and can provide the customers with live and historical filtration data to understand and maintain the performance and quality of their filtration system.”

Nederman myAir subscription service combines IoT-enabled SmartFilters with sensors, cloud-based software and service for customers to secure uptime performance, proactive system monitoring and minimizes maintenance costs. To remotely monitor filter functionality, airflow, get warnings, and much more on a computer, phone, or tablet means that the filters can be conveniently checked and supervised efficiently. Remote monitoring and data collection save time and money, and it also helps businesses comply with laws and regulations. 

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