Multitasking in a single unit

Holzma MultiTecThe world’s largest manufacturer of panel saws, Holzma, has launched an innovative new unit that cuts, routs and drills panels in a single pass. The company says the all-in-one HPP 300 MultiTec does the multiple steps faster, more precisely and more cost-efficiently than moving panels from one CNC machine to another. The HPP 300 includes innovations for which patents are still being sought, Holzma says. The company says the machine has five major benefits for users. The panel saw is more ergonomic and precise than vertical or circular saws because it divides panels horizontally; the cutting process is fully automated and software controlled for precision and better use of panels; ready-to-assemble components are made quickly and precisely in a single pass; holes are drilled from below, which means dust doesn’t have to be cleaned from panel fronts; and the HPP 300 is designed to handle virtually any panel material.

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