Multi-axis CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Pillar Machine

The MTH is a Multi-axis CNC Horizontal Machining Center from Pillar Machine. It is used to produce high-quality haunched mortise and tenon joints used in many furniture and cabinet applications. The haunch head miters the profile for beaded face frame applications. The machine can also be used to produce cabinet doors and entry door products.

Standard Features:

  • 1″ Thick machined aluminum work surface for reliable referencing
  • X, Y, Z, and back fence Y-axis control for positioning (4 total axes)
  • 15″ industrial color touchscreen for creating and/or selecting programs
  • 120″ zone for stiles – Left and right-hand fence
  • 12″ zone for rails – Left and right-hand fence
  • 1″ haunch depth (standard)
  • 3/4″ tenon height (standard)
  • 3 HP high frequency 18,000 RPM direct drive routing spindle for mortising
  • 7 HP high frequency 18,000 RPM direct drive routing spindle for tenoning
  • 3 HP spindle for haunching

Advantages of The MTH:

  • Reduces floor space by combining operations
  • Elimination of complicated machine setups.
  • Eliminates the need for applying inlays
  • Reduces the maintenance and costs associated with your tooling by more than 50% by eliminating end coping
  • Provides a stronger product
  • Ease the assembly process by providing self-aligning joints


  • Inside profiling HSK spindle
  • Sanding head (for shape and sand application)
  • Inside plow spindle
  • Counter-rotating haunch head (for paper wrapped products)
  • Dowel insertion
  • End coping
  • Louver grooving
  • Hinge pocketing
  • Pilot hole boring
  • Pillar-gauge CNC positioner for machining accurate part lengths
  • Barcode reader
  • Offline programming
  • Parametric programming (standard or built to customer specification)
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