MMR Mobile


The MMR Mobile application provides manufacturers with an overview of their machinery’s performance without being physically present at the factory. Using a smartphone or tablet, users can remotely view key performance metrics such as the main utilisation level, parts performance, and the condition of the machines.

With MMR Mobile, users can check the machinery’s performance from anywhere in the world, at any time. With clearly arranged graphics and a user-friendly interface, the MMR Mobile application is easy to use and requires little to no training. 

MMR Mobile can be connected to “tapio-ready” HOMAG machinery with a powerControl V2 control system. The tapio cloud system serves as the digital backbone of HOMAG’s digital platforms and tools. As an open digital ecosystem that powers the woodworking industry, tapio can connect machinery and applications across different manufacturers and brands.

Besides providing an overview of the machines in operation, MMR Mobile also allows users to select different evaluation periods to continually identify performance trends and potential areas of improvement to maximize machine capabilities. 

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