Microvellum Software Partners with VORTEK Spaces

Microvellum Software

Microvellum Software is proud to announce its partnership with VORTEK Spaces presentation software. Microvellum equips woodworking industry leaders with an AutoCAD-based platform to streamline their design, estimating, engineering, and production processes to confidently grow their businesses.

While Microvellum’s flagship, Toolbox 2022, is a robust AutoCAD-based platform that focuses on streamlining wood product manufacturers’ design to the manufacturing process. VORTEK Spaces, based in Quebec, QC, is an award-winning 3D presentation software for design professionals, sales representatives, and account managers. After using CAD software to design, VORTEK Spaces can be used to present, including live 3D walkthroughs, images, videos, 360-degree videos, VR, and more.

VORTEK Spaces is a subscription-based application known for its ability to create and present modern, top-of-the-line renderings, ensuring a high-end encounter for clients when introducing project proposals. Users of the system can incorporate real-life items in the scene from top suppliers, such as entertainment items, rugs, appliances, and other household items. It also includes features like fine-tuning indoor and outdoor lighting, choosing the color and type of floors and walls, etc.

In addition to lifelike renderings and videos, VORTEK Spaces also includes other interactive features such as virtual walk-throughs and even VR (virtual reality) experiences.

VORTEK Spaces is much more than a 3D rendering solution. Its software helps design professionals produce quality, interactive presentations in minutes without requiring 3D modeling expertise.

Microvellum software users set the project’s vision by enabling the design and project layout using a library of parametric cabinetry. At the same time, VORTEK Space brings it to life with state-of-the-art presentations and realistic attributes. When project designs are approved, Microvellum’s manufacturing engine handles everything else needed for production.

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